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As a fiduciary advisor, we always consider our clients’ needs first. Knowing that not all individuals that hold themselves out as financial advisors are fiduciaries, we take pride in upholding the standards of a fiduciary partner. The financial advice and services offered by CT Financial Partners will be in the best interest of our clients.

For prospective new clients, CT Financial employs a three step financial planning process that typically spans over three meetings.


During our first “get to know you” meeting, we delve into an individual’s current stage of life; what financial considerations and/or plans you have in place for your family, career, health, and future; and what aspirations you may or may not have considered. To determine your financial comfort level, we identify:

  • What you believe you have done well financially
  • What you wish you could have done better
  • What kind of investment experience you have

We end our first interaction by explaining how CT Financial works with clients, our recommendation process, and our investment selection steps. We also detail how we assemble, present, monitor, and update our client’s financial plans.


The next meeting is designated for data gathering and understanding. We collect all the necessary information needed to assemble an individualized financial plan, including statements, investment holdings, contributions, pension details, Social Security projections, and other pertinent information.


In our final presentation, we introduce a personalized financial plan. We detail the prospective client’s current financial picture and explain how your goals and expectations measure up against the projections in the financial plan. At this time, we make recommendations on adjustments to either reach the desired goals, or we modify your goals. In addition, we offer suggestions on what we would do differently or propose strategies that should be made. At the end, we will both determine whether it’s a good fit for us to work together.

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